Bible fellowships are a vital part of our ministry that offers the opportunity for you to nurture and develop your faith in Christ, no matter what stage of life or spiritual level you are at.  From children to senior saints, our desire is to equip and strengthen your faith and your family through the teaching of God’s Word and genuine relationships.  Thru Bible Fellowships, God prepares your heart as you learn the Word of God to serve Him using your gifts and abilities to help build the kingdom.


We join with you in a vitally important task: the nurturing of your child’s spiritual development.  Our goal is to provide your child with the physical care and spiritual training that will build within him the right concept about the church, God, and Jesus. This is accomplished through our Sunday Bible classes.  Our prayer is for each child to grow up in a Christian home, and for each of us to exhibit understanding and cooperation as we work together for the good of your child.


Every Sunday morning at 10am, Bible lessons that deal with the issues of life are taught in a practical and applicable way.  Students are taught life principles from the Bible that will help them navigate through life with a clear focus on God’s will for their lives.  Throughout the year our teens gather for activities including youth rallies, camps, retreats, Rays baseball games and other fun activities.


Whether you are single, just married, or retired, there is a Bible fellowship for that will teach you Biblical principles from God’s Word and give you wisdom and strengthen your faith and walk with God.

We also offer our Foundation Classes, which are designed for anyone, regardless where they are in their journey of faith, to grow deeper in their faith.